Friends!  I am knitting / selling Christmas stockings this year.  I have several made already (see below!) and am also taking custom orders.  Let me know soon, I’ll need plenty of time to make them beautiful!





I have restarted couch to 5k because I am SO out of running shape.

I am listening to all kinds of podcasts on my runs (the Nerdist podcast and NPR Science Friday are faves).

I am knitting Christmas presents (I learned a lesson last year, my friends) and a blanket for myself (except mine will have a grey background and different shades of red/orange/yellow.

I am the proud owner of a completed thesis and a Master’s Degree. 

I am excited to start classes for my PhD program. And nervous.

I am rewatching The Office, because, obviously

I have made zero dent in my reading list.  Mostly because I’ve already started reading articles for the research I’ll be doing and the textbooks for my classes.

I have started the 8-week program in this book. I have gone to some Barre3 classes (they have studios in Knoxville and Nashville, fyi ;) ) and it is absolutely my favorite workout ever.

I am trying to drink more water. 

What are you doing currently?

Have a happy second half of the week :)




It’s been way too long since I’ve blogged!  Not much to catch you up on, since the last semester was spent writing and rewriting and then rewriting again. Nothing too exciting.  I finally finished my thesis and just have to wait to hear back about the formatting (again).  I’m about to start a PhD program and I am nervous/terrified, which is rational, right?

I’ve tried to make the best use of the summer that I can, by which I mean I’ve been knitting and planning knitting and reading all the books I didn’t have time for during school and trying new workouts that I LOVE.  I’m going to start blogging at least once a week (I know I’ve said it before but this time I promise!) and I’ll share all the fun knitting projects and books you should read and workout apps you should try ;).  

For now though, I just wanted to say I’m not dead yet (anyone get that reference??) and I have lots of things to share in the next few weeks.  


Still Here


Just popping in to say I’m still alive.  I have a finished sweater to show off and some fun ideas for Christmas stockings to share but for now I just got home from lab and am finishing some homework that’s due tomorrow.  Hope everyone is fabulous :)



Week in Review




I finally got back in the lab for real this week and got some things done – not as much as I wanted, but as usual things went wrong; I think it went as well as it could have.  I did discover some sweet crystals in a beaker I left on the bench over break and decided to keep them around – they’re super pretty.  I also finally started writing my thesis.  I was texting a friend about having trouble writing the intro and he suggested writing the methods and results first, to which I replied “results…BAHAHAHA.”  I still have quite a ways to go in that area, unfortunately.  I did finally find my groove on the intro and I’m feeling good about it so far.  Most of the rest of my week was spent working on my cardigan which I found buttons for over at Fringe Supply Co.; I’m getting more and more excited about it as I make more progress!  Next week I’ll start classes, which I hope go more smoothly than last semester – I find it hard to believe (but not impossible!) that they could be worse…fingers crossed ;)

Hopefully next week’s update will involve more research results and an almost-finished cardigan!

Happy long weekend!


2014 Goals


The first part of this year will be super busy with research, thesis writing, and trying to remain sane so my goals for the year are pretty broad and basic.

  1. GRADUATE.  On time, preferably.  I will be even more of a hermit than I normally am at least until April.
  2. No weekday naps.  This is the most difficult goal, since napping is my dealing-with-stress mechanism.  However, it doesn’t accomplish anything and I usually end up more stressed out.
  3. Lose 20 lb.  This is weight I have gained back since starting grad school.  This will involve calorie counting and keeping up my running.  And drinking lots of hot tea as a snack-avoidance technique.
  4. Use up all the yarn I have.  This will free up quite a bit of closet space.  Quite a bit.  My master plan is to design and knit as many Christmas stockings as I can and sell them in an Etsy shop.  If anyone would like to commission one with specific colors + designs, let me know!
  5. Blog more frequently…at least once a week.
  6. Knit three sweaters.  Besides graduating, this is my biggest goal.  I’ve made one sweater before but it was for someone else.  I have found more than 3 patterns that I want to make, but obviously I have time and financial constraints.  So, I’ll be making the Clarity cardigan (I already have the yarn for this one, I’m trying to finish up some belated Christmas presents before I start), and I’d like to make Faro and Trestle, both of which I want to have and wear RIGHT NOW.  I think a time frame of 4 months per sweater is realistic, since that gives me plenty of time to buy yarn and work on them nights/ weekends.
  7. Get into a PhD program or get a job.  I don’t have a ton of control over this, but I’m doing what I can and waiting to hear things :)
  8. Run another half marathon.  I want to find one toward the end of the year to run, but I’ll have to wait until the time is closer and see where I’ll be!

I think I’m being pretty realistic this year.  Not feeling too much pressure to check everything off the list, but I’m excited to have things to work toward.

What are your goals?