I’m being social.


I don’t love being social, because I’m not good at it.  However, one of my friends had a Halloween party yesterday and although I was sick, I decided to go, as a fun murder mystery was already planned and I didn’t want to ruin it by not being there to play my part.  It turns out that even though there were cats there that only added to my congested misery (but only after having been there for three hours, thank you Kroger-brand Allegra) I had a fabulous time.  I met a fellow Office-obsessed knitter and got to hang out with people I haven’t seen since I was an undergrad.  Here’s a pic of the ladies:


I was Liz Lemon.  Which is appropriate because in many ways I am, actually, Liz Lemon.

Today I ran a 5K (which went terribly, thanks to the aforementioned congestion – the only thing I really accomplished was coughing lots of…stuff up).  These are my lab friends:



After the 5K I hung out with my dad, who came today to bring me the coat and gloves I ordered from J. Crew.  I love them, and they magically make me feel like Olivia Pope (Scandal, anyone) and I have a picture of myself in the coat but I’m not posting it because my post-5K-no shower-yoga pants-sweaty look doesn’t quite do it justice.  

I fully intended to work on homework or at least grading today, but while my dad was here we went to Lowe’s and he got me this: Image

It’s a Christmas tree! And I LOVE IT! It already has presents under it and I couldn’t ruin the Christmas spirit it inspired with homework, so I’ve spent the day working on some Christmas socks.  I love them, too, and have finally figured them out after starting them approximately six times.  I figured out that the secret is knitting them in three different sizes – the ribbing is the largest size to accommodate my tight cast-on,  the leg is half-medium (so that they’ll fit the calves!) and the rest is a small so the recipient’s foot isn’t swimming around (as normal people’s calves aren’t generally the same circumference as their feet – come on, pattern writers).  I’ve gotten pretty far and plan on getting back to it right after I post this, since tomorrow will definitely be dedicated to homework and grading (boo, a thousand times boo). 



They are the Jaywalker socks, which are fabulous and magical as they have a chevron pattern without having to switch colors within a row.  MAGICAL, I say.  The colors in the picture are awful – the socks are yellow, navy, and grey.  I don’t have as much yellow yarn as navy and grey so it will only be for the heels, cuffs, and toes.  I think this will be a go-to pattern for sure. 

In super-exciting news for this week (and my motivation for getting things done tomorrow), I have not one but TWO friends visiting from out-of-state this week.  I am gleeful.

Have a happy Sunday,




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