It’s Good to Have Goals


I like to set goals.  One of my favorite things to do is check something off a list – it’s nice to literally be able to see the progress that I’m making.  I’ve noticed, though, that there’s a difference between my life-in-general goal setting and my knitting goal setting, and that difference is my ability to be realistic.

My life-in-general goals are usually attainable:  apply for three jobs a week, exercise every day, have dinner with a friend once a week so I don’t devolve into a hermit (I’m so close. SO. CLOSE. to being a hermit).  These goals take some effort – job hunting is like a miserable adult version of Where’s Waldo – but they’re reasonable and I usually manage to get them done each week.

Knitting goals are a different story.  I am totally incapable of estimating how much time a project will take.  This, in retrospect, could explain why one of my new Christmas traditions is frantically finishing pairs of socks at midnight on Christmas Eve.  It’s a problem that is due in part to my fondness for small-gague yarn (fingering and DK weight are my favorites) which require more stitches to make a hat or cowl or sweater than heavier yarns.  Heavier yarns don’t make much of a difference, though, when the project you’re making with them is an adult-sized blanket – I’m making two of those as Christmas gifts this year.  Another thing that affects how much knitting I do vs. how much I THINK I can do is my constant underestimation of how much time other things take – big things like job searching and exercising (although I can work on small things like socks while I’m riding my exercise bike!) and little things like making lunch for work and showering.  I also have trouble with project monogamy, especially with large projects like blankets and sweaters – sometimes I just have to take a break and make a hat!

One of my goals for this year is to become better at setting knitting goals (meta, no? ha).  I think I’m making small steps toward this with my sock-and-hat goals:  I’ve been making one pair of socks per month (sometimes even two if the pattern is simple!) and during lunch at work I use yarn leftover from previous projects that I’m trying to use up to knit hats that I’ll donate this winter.  Now I just have to get my selfish knitting under control – I want to have a  neckwear / hat / glove combo for each day of the week by the time winter comes back around.  I can do it!

Do you find that you’re able to estimate your knitting time well?



Knitting Things I Love


I haven’t taken many pictures of the things I’ve finished lately, so there’s not much to share on that front, but I want to keep up the blog more consistently so I thought I’d share some of my favorite knitting things!

Favorite Pattern Sources (these are the designers/ sites whose patterns I love and use over and over):

  • Pom Pom Quarterly-there is a podcast (which they call a POMcast, haha) to go along with this and the hosts are delightfully British.
  • Brooklyn Tweed-I love all their patterns but I am officially obsessed with their baby blanket ones.
  • Purl Bee-I was able to visit Purl Soho when I went to New York in March and I adored it! I could’ve stayed for a whole day

Favorite Places to Shop for Yarn Online (my #1 favorite place to shop for yarn is Loopville in Knoxville, but alas, you can’t buy from them online):

  • Love Knitting-I had some trouble with a shipment from them recently and their customer service was outstanding).
  • Purl Soho-They have their own yarn lines (I’ve tried Flax Down and Line Weight and adore them both) and sell others as well.
  • Quince and Co. – Affordable American-made yarn. AMAZING colors.

Favorite Yarn (this is obviously going to change about once a month, but these are the most current):

  • Purl Soho Line Weight – it’s like butter.
  • John Arbon Textiles Viola – I got this for the sweater I’m designing and It’s better than I could’ve imagined.
  • Madelinetosh – I haven’t found a yarn of theirs I DON’T like.  Holi Festival is by far my favorite color. Someday I’ll be able to afford enough to make a sweater.
  • Woolfolk Far – I want to knit a cocoon of this and live in it forever.

Favorite Needles:

Favorite Blogs:

Favorite Podcasts:

I promise lots of pictures soon!  Many socks and hats have been finished, as well as a swatch for my sweater!




Hello, friends!

It’s been a while since I’ve done any blogging.  I’ve decided to reset the blog instead of just continuing the way it was.  In the previous incarnation I was blogging some about knitting but mostly personal stuff; now I want to change direction and make this a mostly knitting blog.  Hopefully it will still be interesting enough to keep my non-knitting friends around!

Here’s what I want The Blog 2.0 to look like:

  • Weekly updates on what I’ve been working on
  • Knitting finds – patterns, yarns, and designers I love
  • Design notebook – I’ve been thinking about designing my own patterns for a while and inspiration struck this week in the form of a mustard cardigan (it HAS to be mustard).  I’d like to document the process of coming up with the pattern for that.

Maybe this more focused approach will keep me blogging consistently this time around!

I hope you’ll stick around!