Half Marathon Recap


I FINISHED! Woohoooooo!

I was super concerned because my training fell off the last few weeks, but I actually felt like it went really well. I ran (or as I like to refer to my running, I shuffled) the first 9.5 miles without any issues, and then my knee exploded with pain and I walked most of the rest (except the last .1 mile which I sprinted, or at least did what passed for sprinting at that point). I finished in ~3 h 18 min, and would love to run another and try to finish in under three hours. I know that still seems insanely slow, but I’ve come to terms with my terminal slowness ;)

It was overall a great experience; the race was very well organized and everything went really smoothly. I especially loved all the signs people made- my personal favorite was “you’re running better than the government. There was also a little girl, about sixish, who yelled “if you believe it, you can achieve it” which made me laugh and laugh. I also enjoyed seeing / hearing the other runners, who were super nice and kept asking if I was ok when I was gimping along at the end.

I am surprisingly not very sore-I guess training does have a purpose?- except my left leg, which has the sore knee / hip. I have a 10k the Saturday after thanksgiving, so this week I’m going to do lots of yoga and make sure my knee is better before punishing it again.

Here are some pics, including a delightful one of the blood blister I ended up with on my heel. You’re welcome.






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