Big Plans


I AM DONE WITH FINALS!  I am so giddy right now.  From now until Christmas there are no limits to what I can do!  (Except monetary limits; I can’t run away to New York City.  Someday, though.  Someday.) I can knit without feeling guilty!  I can finally read whatever I want!  I never have to think about soil chemistry again!  I can go to bed at normal hours and clean my apartment!  After Christmas I will have to buckle down and get as much research as possible done, but for at least the next 14 days I am FREE! I’m planning on packing in as much as possible:

Things I’m planning on enjoying:

  • seeing some college and high school friends (I am most especially super excited about seeing my high school friends)
  • Christmas with my home church family and family-family
  • Market Square Christmas Market
  • baby shower for one of my oldest friends
  • Running at the marina in Oak Ridge

Things I’m planning on knitting

  • Socks for my mom, pappaw, cousin, and aunt
  • cowl and hat for one of my favorite people (I’m afraid she’ll figure out soon that she’s far too nice to be friends with me, so I’m preparing woolen bribes ;) )
  • baby blanket for aforementioned baby shower
  • random cowl to use up yarn
  • shawl and scarf for church friends
  • two cowls and a cardigan for myself
  • stuff to get ahead on presents for next year

Books I’m planning on reading

  • Freakonomics
  • Superfreakonomics
  • Robert Oppenheimer: A Life Inside the Center
  • American Prometheus
  • A Dance with Dragons
  • Divergent
  • Insurgent
  • Christian History Made Easy (we’re reading this in Sunday School)
  • Dark Sun: The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb

Obviously this isn’t all going to happen, but it’s nice to know that it could.  My plan for after Christmas is to work in the lab as much as possible each day and then continue my knitting/reading spree at night before classes start and I am once again inundated with homework.

And since this is a wordy post, here are some pictures to make up for it:









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