Christmas, and new favorites


I finished all my Christmas socks! (We will overlook the fact that the list of people I was planning to knit socks for got shorter and shorter as Christmas got closer.  There’s always next year.)  Pictured above are John Huston socks I made for my pappaw (modified to only use the side panel part of the pattern), Perfect Fit socks for my dad, Abbey Road socks (with all the girly cables removed) for my friend Matt, Harbor Bar socks for my mom, and Jaywalker socks for my friend Erica.  Each pair was my favorite as I was knitting it!  The Abbey Road and Harbor Bar socks are from Quince and Co., my new favorite obsession.  Their patterns are THE BEST!  I modified the Annie’s scarf pattern into a cowl for my friend Bethany and I loved it, and I’m currently making the Simplest Baby Blanket for my friend Christy.  I have a few more Christmas presents to finish up but I am going at a much more leisurely pace now.

I had a fabulous Christmas – I got the awesome necklace above, a Marie Curie biography, some stainless steel mixing bowls and a Le Creuset grill pan, and lots of other fun things – but now it’s time to get to work :/  Don’t worry, I won’t be working too hard ;) but I do have to study to retake the GRE and work with my research data to figure out how to use the program that has thus far eluded me.  I’m trying to work on these a little each day so I can make progress without trying to cram everything in to one or two days.

I have lots of fun knitting plans for the rest of winter – I am going to make my infinity scarf and cardigan, finally, and I’ve signed up for a class at my local yarn store to learn to make two socks at once (we will ignore how much I could have used this BEFORE Christmas).  I’m most excited about the Follow Your Arrow mystery knit-along from Ysolda, which I just bought the yarn for today.

New Favorites:

  • Blogs: Fringe Association, Knit York City, Quince and Co.
  • Things with my initials on them (I got the BEST mug from Pottery Barn for Christmas)
  • White chocolate peppermint tea from Teavana.  Best. Tea. Ever.
  • This knitters graph paper journal.  I plan on making and selling Christmas stockings on easy, so this will help me come up with super awesome designs.
  • the Nike running app has a coach feature now that sets up workout plans for you.  Getting back in the groove! ;)
  • The Doctor Who Christmas special.  Oh, how I will miss Matt Smith.
  • Finally having the time to finish A Dance with Dragons

I suppose I’ve gone on long enough – hopefully I won’t go so long before the next update!  I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


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