Week in Review




I finally got back in the lab for real this week and got some things done – not as much as I wanted, but as usual things went wrong; I think it went as well as it could have.  I did discover some sweet crystals in a beaker I left on the bench over break and decided to keep them around – they’re super pretty.  I also finally started writing my thesis.  I was texting a friend about having trouble writing the intro and he suggested writing the methods and results first, to which I replied “results…BAHAHAHA.”  I still have quite a ways to go in that area, unfortunately.  I did finally find my groove on the intro and I’m feeling good about it so far.  Most of the rest of my week was spent working on my cardigan which I found buttons for over at Fringe Supply Co.; I’m getting more and more excited about it as I make more progress!  Next week I’ll start classes, which I hope go more smoothly than last semester – I find it hard to believe (but not impossible!) that they could be worse…fingers crossed ;)

Hopefully next week’s update will involve more research results and an almost-finished cardigan!

Happy long weekend!


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